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    Thumbs down TS 3 Issues (Does not store log-in info and some clients locks)..

    I want a list of recently used server addresses with the log-in info, so I don't have to re-type it every time I change server addy...

    Sometimes when a connection is not 100% working, the TS3 client will lock.. The blue dot is lit, meaning the person is talking, but he/she is not, and when he/she tries to talk, nobody hears anything.. The only way to solve this is for the client to disconnect and then get back on.. This is a problem for some people.. Not everyone got awesome internets..

    Also "" does not show up in Google search!

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    just add the server to your bookmarks, we don't offer a webbrowser

    It's called lag, please try the latest pre-release from our announcement thread. should show up since 2 weeeks

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