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    Problem with easy premission system.[3.0.0-rc2]

    When you uncheck a permission on the easy system, some still present when you check with the detailled system.

    Step by step :
    - Open permission system and select guest group (for example)
    - On the easy system, check "Client can edit channels"
    - Apply (As you can see on the detailed system the good permissions are checked)
    - Always on easy system, uncheck this permission and go on the detailled system.

    The permission for the channel modification are uncheck, except the skip option.
    This could create inconsistencies if other gourp are used.

    Client 3.0.0 rc2 pre
    Server Beta 31-pre

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    Thank you for your report. We are working on it for release 3.0.0-rc1-pre-4

    This is no bug and works as intended. This is a special case.

    We used the same setting for Servergoup: Guest in our old template for default permissions.
    We want to offer users, to have a V.I.P. Group (Normal) to create semi-permant channels by default. A guest group should not be able (by default), to create semi or permanent channels. So all Normal users still have the ability to create and make channel semi permanent channels with the same channel group.
    And to avoid, that a guest can do the same thing on your server, we skip these permissions b_channel_modify_make_semi_permanent, b_channel_modify_description, b_channel_modify_maxclients, b_channel_modify_sortorder.
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    Ok (effectively, special case ).

    Important information for those who attributed the channel group CA for certain channels and users (of course in special case), while leaving them in the guest server group.

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