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    Post A little bug in TS3 (options and visual)


    I've seen 2 bugs.

    1. At "settings-options-hotkeys"
    The new Option "switch to channel"

    When a channel name is like this: [cspacer]test
    It wouldn't be showed in the "switch to channel" list.
    Well, the next:
    If I'm in the hotkey settings list and want to edit a hotkey, which look like "Switch to Channel (test) on Current Server" to "Switch to Channel (test1) on Current Server" because I rename the channel. It wont work.

    2. The visual bug
    If I have 2 or more little pictures in the description of a channel. It will be look like the same one.

    For example:
    Picture 1 = http://picture1.pic
    Picture 2 = http://picture2.pic
    Now the two pictures look like the same one. (like: Picture 1)

    sincerely Chuckl0r

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    Bug1: with RC1-pre7 you will be possible to join a spacer hcnanel, with your hotkeys.

    Bug2: We can't reprodce your bug. Because we don't really understand it.
    Can you give us example pictures, with working url's?

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