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    Solved 3D Sound and Attenuation set via API's is not respected

    It seems no 3d sound via the API's is respected at all.

    using channelset3DAttributes to set position to -1000.0f, -1000.0f, -1000.0f

    Attenuation is passing me 0.0f, I return the same, but I can still hear the person (muffled).

    The 3d position also does not reflect in the "3d Sound" dialog.

            TRACE("SET POSITION: %d=%f,%f,%f", player->getId(),vec.x, vec.y, vec.z);
    	if( (ts3Functions.channelset3DAttributes(ts3Functions.getCurrentServerConnectionHandlerID(), 
    		(anyID)player->getId(), &vec)) == ERROR_ok) {
    			res = ACRE_OK;
    	} else {
    		res = ACRE_ERROR;
    	TRACE("%d", res);

    Setting the 3D sound via dialog works fine. But setting positions via API is not respected at all.

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    The ts3 client had a minimum gain for 3D sound, so that you could always hear a person speaking. This has been removed. passing 0.0f now, should result in silence, in the next release.

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    Confirmed fixed in pre-7

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