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    Uploading and using remote icons on a rented server. How?


    I have a rented server for wich i used my admin token but i want to use custom icons to define the different ranks ive set.

    I have my i_ft_file_upload_power set to -1 (unlimited)

    Though i keep getting <could not open file transfer connection (/icon_1023996913)>

    I want to know if what im trying is even possible with an ATHP rented server and if so how I can do it.

    Please help?

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    It's of course possible.
    But ask to your hoster if he has blocked this function, if he has removed the permission.

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    Hi again,

    The website of the hoster no longer has any teamspeak info on it anymore and if i call them they say they cant help me because they dont sell voip servers anymore. odd, because my server is still running.
    though i do remember it didnt say anything about storage space. could it be that my server does not have storage space to share: screenshots etc. wich would, by my guess, be the same area where the icons would be uploaded?

    The server end in 2 weeks anyway, but im trying to gather as much info i can before renting a new one. and if needed for icons that one will get storage space.

    And thanks for the quick reply ;-)

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    There seems the file transfert port is blocked.
    But, if your hoster don't want help you, unfortunatly, we can't do anything.

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