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    how to add my server to enjin

    i try to add my server to my site (enjin site) but it cant connect,

    now my qeustion is how i know that my ServerQuery is enabled, and if it is possible to connect to the ServerQuery port using Telnet

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    Can you please give us more informations. It's not easy to help you with that.

    Do you rent your server ?
    What viewer do you use (tsviewer, gametracker, teamspeak addons viewer) ?
    Do you add the good permissions on the Guest Query group ?
    Do you add the IP of the web server in the query_ip_whitelist file (on the server folder) ?
    What message you get on your web site ?
    Do you get error of information message in your server log ?

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    i do rent the server
    you can see here that it cant find the server,
    the ip is correct and the port also

    i just dont know how to mannage the qeuryport :s

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2steps View Post
    i do rent the server
    In this case you can't manage the query port. This is a sensible port for your hoster.
    You need to ask him for that.
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    thx already got it ^^

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    Help server to Enjin ServerQuery

    I am having the same problem.
    I don't know anything about serverquery, nore do i know if it's enabled.
    Im running the TS server from my pc.

    Same img as above, said from last guy. Different IP of course.

    i get this message.

    Any ideas?

    <23:41:30>"Unknown from" connected to channel "Home"
    <23:41:30>"Unknown from" disconnected (disconnecting)

    I click Save Changes. It trys to connect, and it does. but disconnects.
    This is the first time ive ran a server from my pc. or a TS server at all in any case..
    I put the ip in the whitelist txt file in folder. but thats all i know. ;\

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