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    [3.1] Cloud based

    with the whole chromium os and everything and more and more people going cloud based
    i was thinking a cloud based TS would be an amazing idea. probably hard to code..

    but if there are some amazing devs out there maybe they can make unofficial cloud client even. or if the official devs wanna try tackling this idea when they are done with beta for ts3.

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    Actually this is a pretty good idea. This could be done with a plugin. Lets say someone provides a "cloud" service for TS3, the plugin could encrypt your personal settings, contacts, bookmarks, etc with your private identity string and send it to an external server. When you login on another PC with the same identity and plugin installed, it could automatically sync your data with the stuff stored in the "cloud".

    Go go plugin developers!

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    actually a sync service and much more will come between 3.0 and 3.1

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    User Accounts

    Good day Teamspeak Team,

    I would like to suggest the following features:

    Would it be possible to have user accounts in Teamspeak 3 that could store, not only our permissions like the Privilege key does, but also all of our server bookmarks?

    Most other software (i.e. Skype, TeamViewer) allows us to create an account to store a friend list. I wish Teamspeak could do the same for favorite servers and permissions.

    At first, it could be used in the software, but eventually, it could also have a web portal to be able to edit our bookmarks online.

    It could also store other information like Teamspeak settings. It would be very convenient when reformatting your OS, or changing devices.

    Thanks for your feedback,

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    Any news on my question above?

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