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    Solved Emoticons in chat to support 24-32x32 ??


    As many have asked, and me didnt finding any concrete answer, i ask again...

    Can i in some way, modify/edit files, for the chat window to support 24x24 or 32x32 Emoticons...

    I have found a set of .npg icons in the size of 130x130 pixles id like to use, but by resizing to 16x16 the icons become an orange dot more or less, verry hard to see as they were real high quality from the start.

    Name:  have a nice day.png
Views: 2152
Size:  19.6 KBName:  meaw.png
Views: 2744
Size:  20.1 KBName:  lll._..png
Views: 2075
Size:  19.3 KBName:  omg.png
Views: 3609
Size:  22.8 KBName:  grin.png
Views: 2420
Size:  20.5 KB

    And also can i mod the Emoticons window to show all added Emoticons in 16x16 pixles (Not only the default 4) so it doesnt block off the whole screen if i add 100 icons when clicked lol

    There must be a way i can edit the existing coding to achieve this... just cant find it :S

    PS: If higher resolution Emoticons are possible by installing an Emoticons pack, plz let me know how to, so i can use my own ones...

    THX in advance.
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    This was already answered. We won't add icons with higher resolution into Chat, Channel, Client, Server, Server Icon.

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    try not sizing them down all at one time, try sizing down half or so each time, i did a few that turned out ok

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    Icon size

    Is there any way to set min icon size of a channel to bigger than 16x16?

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