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    "Invalid Device" For Capture Device (Using Virtual Audio Cable on a VM)

    Hello, I'm trying to set up Music Bot on a virtual machine running Windows XP SP3 and I'm having problems with teamspeak.

    I'm using VirtualBox and disabled Audio from the settings like it says in the Music Bot installation guide.

    I've set everything up and cable 2 of VAC is hearing the music played. In teamspeak, I go into Options and for the capture device it says Invalid Device. There are no other options to chose either. I've tried restarting and setting Mic availability for the 2 cables, but still nothing is available.

    Any help is much appreciated.


    Update: I just tried a different Windows XP and I still get invalid device.
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    Please try our latest pre-release from our announcement thread.

    I know it worked with an older beta on my virtual machine "Oracle VM VirtualBox" on windows xp & windows 7. Not all virtual machines offer all audio modes.

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