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    Question Channel Admin can KICK server admin from A CHANNEL, how to fix this?

    Hi I am a admin of my server and I gave my friend a channel in it with the power to kick clients only from THAT certain channel. Now the problem is that he can also kick me when I told him to test. I am the server admin of my server and shouldn't be kicked. How do I make changes so he can only kick the guests from his channel if he want and NOT server admin (me)??

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    Normally only all permissiosn with needed in name should be set into a channel. Else you allow a user, as long he is in the channel, that he hast that power everywhere.

    This power only will work as you want it, when it is set as a channel group. To solve/ bind a permission to one channel only, create a copy of a normal group with an higher i_group_needed_member_add_power as every group has. So only you can ad users to that group.
    Now put in the permissions you want to grant.

    Soloution 2:
    Set an really high needed kck power as a channel permisiosn, i nall channels you want to protect the users.

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