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    Solved Find/Create a detailed Logfile


    Couldn't find an answer for my question: Does TS3 do have a detailed logfile per virtual server? I'm looking for a logfile with all connections/disconnections a day, i kindly needs to know which of my virtual servers have how many connections.

    It looks like some aren't that often in use anymore, so where is it logged?

    In use: beta30 x64 on Debian x64 Lenny

    Thanks for an explanation in advance

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    First, in the Client, you must go to: Tools > Edit Virtual Server > More > Logs > ... enable ... Server

    Then, you can see it in: Tools > Server Log

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    Thanks Jordi

    This seems to be active for the mentioned virutal server. I'm not admin on the other virtual servers inside of TS3, but i'm the admin on the root server of course. How can I activate & view afterwards the newest logs on the other virtualservers via ssh on my root?

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    You have 2 ways for that :
    - The log files in the "logs" folder (in the server folder)
    - The "Log" table in the database.

    It would be easier for you to use a web interface (eg Psychokiller's web interface). If you have the ssh access, I assume you have the serveradmin password for your Teamspeak server.
    With this web interface, you'll have the access at all other virtual servers.

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    Hi flofr40

    I've installed the Psychokiller web interface, it provides all I need, including statistics for all other virtual servers. thanks a lot

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