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Thread: Listen to self?

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    Listen to self?

    So, me and my friends are planning on doing some podcast/lets-play stuff and use TeamSpeak 3 for it, but is there anyway so I can listen to myself? Not the Window's sound option to listen the mic, but one that I can only hear me when I use the push-to-talk key, I don't want to have my mic open the whole time, only when I desires to, I've looked but couldn't find any option to this, there is one or maybe a plugin to do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinShark View Post
    I already have Stereo Mix setup, but that does not solves my problem, I want to listen to my voice through TeamSpeak only when I press the push-to-talk button, there's anyway to do this?

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    This is a function of your operating system. You have to tell your OS that you want to listen to your recording device. Google will help you on that

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    To OP: Only way I know to to this is to have 2 clients in the room. Use one to listen and the other to talk. on the one you use to talk set the playback device to a playback device you don't use. On the other, mute the mic.

    I know it is not the best solution and uses more bandwidth, but is the only way to do what your asking that I know of.

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