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    second playback device option

    I would like to suggest a feature that a second playback device can be setup
    (both could be set to "default" playback device per default)
    Next to allow a set at notifications if playback of this notification should be played to device A or B.

    This would be usefull for poke etc if you currently near your PC and do not have your headset on.
    Some Voip Software allow such different playback devices.
    e.g device A headphone+mic for communcation
    but device B = external speakers for incoming call (ring ring)

    + a setable hotkey to alter between
    1) play all sounds to device A don't care how they set in notfications
    ( for e.g "back on by headphone" to route all sounds to device A (headphone) don't use device B (external) now)
    2) play all sounds to device A or B like set in notfications
    (if you not have your headphones on but near your PC and wait for buddies)

    Just found that this feature is covered partly by Playbackprofiles (that could be switched by hotkey too) already.
    But you still would had the problem that ALL would be played on e.g external speakers even if you only want to have specific notifications (other muted)
    So the feature maybe can be added by allow to set the playbackprofiles (e.g by seperated comma) per notification entry.
    + maybe a checkbox on buddy contact that mayke you able to use a specfic playbackprofile for a notification like "buddy xy entered the server" is only played if this buddy entered the server.

    Thanks a lot.
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