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    Solved Filebrowser - download a subdirectory with the same Prefix

    I found a bug regarding the file browser.

    Letīs say i have a directory named "test". In it, i have too subdirectories named "testlol" and "lol".
    If i download "lol" with "Download All", everything is fine.
    But when i download "testlol", it creates an empty directory named "testlol", but the files of that directory are stored in the directory "lol".
    So the name of the parent directory is cut off of the subdirectory's name.

    My Plattform is Windows 7, but i also testet it on linux and macosx and itīs the same there.

    mfg r3ddr4gOn

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    Scratch that. I saw the bug just now.

    Bug IS present during my testing.

    Platform: Mac
    Client version: RC1-pre9
    Server version: Beta 30 Linux
    I was hold SA, and I saw exactly what he described:

    When I downloaded testlol, it created a folder testlol, then it created a folder lol on the same parent as testlol. After that, it downloaded the file in testlol, but put the files into lol.

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