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    Solved Creating a second server?

    How do I create a second TS 3 server I have a Non profit Lic I watched this video multiple times
    When In the video bf2gamer14 says “I am logged in currently um you can um I’m not sure you can do it this way but I’m going to be ah Putty I’m logged in already so I’m just going to right click and there you go” I had no idea what he meant or how he logged in
    Is there a less confusing way to create a second server?
    I enjoy learning new tasks and I’m sure "putty" is a very useful tool but way beyond my ability’s I could really use some step by step instructions on How to install and log into Putty (unless there is a better way) and how to create a second server.

    Thank You

    I found nothing in past threads about this topic

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    You must use the query command :
    login serveradmin <password>
    servercreate virtualserver_name=The\sName virtualserver_port=<the new port> virtualserver_maxclients=5
    Please read the documentation :
    TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Manual.pdf

    This question has been answered many times on this forum, please use the search function

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    For some reason the search function dosent work at this end?

    Trust Me I tried many times
    I dont know anything about codes. But I am willing to learn

    I am know able to log in to server query so Im a little closer


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