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    Solved File Transfer problem: Can't Download large files from server

    I'm hosting my own teamspeak server under Ubuntu on my local network. My problem is that file transfer works with very small <2kB pictures, but when I'm trying to download larger pictures (file size about 50-500kB) it downloads picture and at least file size is correct, but picture is either totally corrupted or top of picture is shown correctly and rest is totally messy. Any suggestions how I can fix this problem?

    I'm running
    Teamspeak 3 beta 30 on Ubuntu server 9.10
    File transfer protocol is open
    File transfer permissions are ok so there are no restrictions from there.
    Virtual server has been set to download and upload files without restrictions (-1).
    Upload works perfectly

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    Okay guys I found problem on my computers bridge, so fixing that fixed my problem.

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