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    Remove inactive clients even if in a group


    Do you have an option (query or else) to remove inactive clients from database even if it's in a server or channel group? Thanks.

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    According to Devs only users that are not in any group are pruned periodically.
    Me finds it an interesting idea too, to define a specific group so that i. e. after 45 days all users that are not in a group AND users that are in the specific group are pruned.

    But guess, that one of the Devs pets will come and say this is not going to happen and you have to use the Addon/Plugin Forum...

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    This will only happen to server groups. After the final release, the system to add and remove user in a database will get an overhaul, but i have no informations about it. Maybe it will be possible to remove user as a permission "inactive for x days" or something like that.

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