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    guests cant see other users

    i have a problem with my ts3 srv

    only myself as admin can see all online users in my ts3 srv ,guests cant see other user in oder channels

    how i can change that ? i like that alle users see all other in all channel


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    Do you have needed_subscribe_power set on any of those channels? Do guests have subscribe_power set? Is this permission set i_client_max_channel_subscriptions in the guest group?

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    Oh, poisonpanik...this guy was my hero for another situation.

    But, I have the i_client_max_channel_subscriptuions set to -1 on ALL my channels, and still nobody can see anyone in the other channels. Once they pop into the channel, then they are able to see who is in it even if they leave the channel. But not after they disconnect!

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    You should not put i_client_max_channel_subscription=-1 in the channels. Set this permission in the Server Groups, "ServerAdmin, Normal"
    In the channels you should check i_channel_needed_subscribe_power are disabled.

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