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    Solved Your cpu does not support the SSE instruction set. TeamSpeak 3 will not run on your

    Pop up box Error code on TeamSpeak Startup

    Your cpu does not support the SSE instruction set.
    TeamSpeak 3 will not run on your computer.

    I wonder if someone can help, I have several machines here, and some of my friends also can not use TS3 because of this very same error, none of which can run TeamSpeak3

    It seems an awefull waste of computer's when none can run TeamSpeak3 because of the SSE Instruction set is their a workaround please ?

    Regards, Michelle

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    This is no bug! You need a CPU with SSE support. A fix would mean, taht CPU's with SSE run much slower on teamspeak and most CPUs use this as a standard.
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    your CPU does support the SSE instructions set

    This error is appear when execute the programme if your certain in your computer does support sSSE you can disable the checj the "noopachecj commandlines parameter
    how i can to solve this problem?

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    There is a commandline parameter to force the TeamSpeak client to skip the SSE check: -nocpucheck
    Out of curiosity, which CPU do you have which fails the check although SSE exists?

    You could add this to the desktop link as shown in the screenshot.
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