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    February 2011

    Mic "local muted" and activate microphone is greyed out.

    Mic (acutally both mics) works fine in "Test Voice" mode and also works fine recording sound in other apps and in sound recorder. I can hear everyone else talking but no one can hear me.

    So far I have tried:

    Changing to a different mic.
    Changing to every other capture mode.
    Changing from push to talk to continuous to voice activation.
    Checked that mic isn't muted elsewhere.
    "Activate microphone when switching servers" is checked.

    Win7 64bit.
    Sound is onboard from GA-790X-DS4 (latest drivers installed).

    Been at this for hours now, can anyone help?

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    May 2010

    Do you check the select capture profile : Self > Capture profil ?

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    February 2011
    Yep, capture profile is fine.

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    United States

    Please open your Client log ( tools -> client log ) and paste us the log.

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    February 2011
    Had to re-register for some reason.

    Anyway ...

    2011-02-18 19:33:01.698511 Info Logging started, clientlib version: 3.0.0-beta36 [Build: 12815]
    2011-02-18 19:33:01.714111 Query Info listening on
    2011-02-18 19:33:01.901311 ClientUI Info TeamSpeak 3 client version: 3.0.0-beta36 [Build: 12815]
    2011-02-18 19:33:01.901311 ClientUI Info Qt version: 4.6.2
    2011-02-18 19:33:01.901311 ClientUI Info Using configuration location: C:/Users/Jas/AppData/Roaming/TS3Client/ts3clientui_qt.conf
    2011-02-18 19:33:02.400512 ClientUI Info Last update check was: Fri 18. Feb 07:17:41 2011
    2011-02-18 19:40:58.013083 PreProSpeex Info Speex version: speex-1.2beta3

    Does that help at all?

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    June 2008
    Is your Capture profile selected in your bookmark?

    Please open Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Select your bookmark and press on buton "More". Now check your capture settings. Maybe it is set to none.

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