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    Solved No function to set wave playback volume

    Copied from Suggestions forum:

    Currently, there is no method to set wave file volume short of doing 3d attenuation on the wave playback (which is also currently broken until next pre release), which will also exhibit weird behavior in 5.1 surround options.

    I request one of the following, if you guys would be awesome enough to implement it:

    1. setWaveVolume(waveHandle, float);


    2. append a volume to playWaveFileHandle, so it can be played as
    ret = ts3Functions.playWaveFileHandle(ts3Functions.getCu rrentServerConnectionHandlerID(),

    Obviously, option #1 is preferred so it can be changed on the fly, but I thought I'd request both

    This is mainly a problem because currently, wave file playback is 100% controlled by sound pack volume. I request a way to control the volume manually as well (and over-riding the sound pack volume), due to the desire to *not* have to raw-mix PCM data into voice streams.

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    This is definitly a feature request and double post.
    A developer will check this function. Maybe we missed something in our SDK.

    ** Closed for double post **

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