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    Unhappy TS3 not working with Xonar :(

    Hi guys,

    My problem is pretty simple. I was using sound blaster audigy but now installed "Asus Xonar Essence STX" audio card and everything works great... except TS, I can't hear anything. I have set Xonar as a playback device (Direct Audio: Xonar) but the playback simply does not produce any sound whatsoever, pressing "Play Test Sound" produces no sound. I have tested the device in DxDiag and everything went fine. I can test voice capture and I can see the capture meter going up and down but can't hear any. I can capture/play sound in ANY other application.

    I am using Windows XP 32bit.

    It is very frustrating, any clues?

    Edit: again, I cant fathom what may be wrong... I am using DirectSound in many other apps and everything simply worked out of the box. What is TS doing special? I will try and update audio drivers, and ask their support guys since I doubt ts is at fault here...
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    I have the same problem in Win 7 64-bit, using a Xonar DX and optical out. Frustrating.

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