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    Solved BUG in the new TS3 Beta

    Hi Im using the new TS3 beta for Arma2 with the ACRE mod. (google it)
    When I connect to a server I cant use Push to Talk, the blue light doesnt flash when I push the hotkey. I used every single key on my keyboard and mouse, no one works.
    On the old TS3 version, my PTT works fine.

    I am using Vista x64 and the NVidia HD Audio SoundCard.


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    Hi TS3 Devs -

    I resolved it for him. (since it was in conjunction with my plugin).

    It seems when you run side-by-side TS3 PRE9 and B36, sometimes the capture configs self-corrupt themselves. And you need to clear the configs and re-configure in order for PTT to work.

    Soooo - in short, it was corrupt capture configs (although no errors) causing the issue.

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