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Thread: Voice Problems

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    Voice Problems


    I have a weird problem.

    When i am using Teamspeak frequently my audio, that i transmit, becomes garbled and cannot be understood.

    i am using a Microsoft LX3000 USB headset

    I have used the headset with teamspeak on my Imac whilst playing EvE Online.

    I have also downloaded Teamspeak for my laptop (XP) and used the laptop just to run Teamspeak whilst i use the Imac to play EvE.

    I have the problem with both machines.

    LX3000 headset is new.

    Any Ideas?


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    Little Update,

    doing some googling on the problem - i live in the UK and have Virgin Media 30meg broadband.

    I have just turned off flood control from the router following someone with similar problems.

    Will report back if it works later today or tomorrow

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