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    Unknown Connection Keeps Trying


    I have had this problem since I first got the server.

    There is a connection that keeps trying to hook up:

    <07:10:45> "Unknown from" connected
    <07:10:45> "Unknown from" dropped (connection lost)
    <07:12:20> "Unknown from" connected
    <07:12:21> "Unknown from" dropped (connection lost)
    <07:13:04> "Unknown from" connected
    <07:13:04> "Unknown from" dropped (connection lost)
    <07:16:51> "Unknown from" connected
    <07:16:52> "Unknown from" dropped (connection lost)

    The IP address is always the same however the sub-domain changes every time.

    I have tried to ban this connection from trying to connect to no avail.

    What steps can I take to stop this from happening?


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    This is most likely a website like TSViewer or Gametracker.

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    Why write this question in bug section ?
    (thread moved)

    This IP is linked with an hoster.
    This is a query connection, so to avoid this connection you have to write this IP in the query_ip_blacklist.txt file (in the server folder).
    If you rent your Teamspeak server, you have to talk about atht with your hoster.
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