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    1 found, but no server running.

    I have a great problem.

    I have a root-Server. There i installed debian and then the TS3-Server. My Non-Profit-License is placed and activated (Log tolds 10 Server and 512 Slots. So it is okay).

    Almost every day the Server crashed. When i star PuTTY and start the Server i became the followinge message: found, but no server running. Possibly your previously started server crashed
    Please view the logfile for details.
    I wrote to Triton but they have driven me to the forum. Hope you can help me.

    I think it is a problem with the license.


    EDIT: There are problems wirth the Hardware too:

    But this problem with the is not a Hardware problem.

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    We can't see your forum (password required). So if it's a hardware problem, it's not a teamspeak problem.

    About the PID file.
    When you start the server, this file is created. Effectively, when the server crashed, this file is not deleted.
    The solution is simple, delete this file manualy before start the server.

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