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    Question Server create invalid token

    Hi all,

    i don't know if this post already exists, if so, sorry.
    I just created a second server with the query command needed.
    The server is up and running, only the token i wrote in the query doesn't work.
    I get the notification: "invalid privilege key...
    The key is right, i copied it...
    What can be the problem?


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    Are you 100% positive that you select all string key ?

    If you used the query command to create a new virtual server, you can use the servergroupaddclient query command to add youself on the server admin group.
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    Can you explain please?
    and what is the exact command for putting me in the admingroup?
    Cheers m8
    It worked by the way, i got the key out of the log, it was very different than mine though

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    Please read the documentation, you have all syntax of all query command :
    TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Manual.pdf

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    In older release, the one time token in bookmarks did not work with token=q4eqe88wr7r87d87xcdwdwd . This will be fixed with our upcommig RC1-pre10.
    Maybe he entered the token here.

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