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    [On todo?] A Easy way to backup

    I'd like to see a easy way to backup my files.

    Bookmarks I like to see a Import / Export Options.
    Chat Logs I like to see moved to My Documents in its own folder.

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    An Import / Export manager would be nice, but this will not be discussed before the final client has been released.
    We have such request in our internal system already

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    To piggy back on this:

    Dante, are the devs still planning on some sort of backup ability/manager for the server as well? I know it wouldn't be till after the final release but I do know it was mentioned several months ago as a possibility.

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    As said before, this topic won't be touched / discussed, before the final. Sorry you all have to wait and pro's like oyu should be able to backup your stuff, as long nothing was added

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