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    Server Group Permanent?

    As the title already says

    I created a new server group in my teamspeak 3 server and want it to be a permanent group instead of temporary

    How to make ts3 server group Permanent?

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    Use the filter, type permanent

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    What Stefan1200 meaned here, was Open Permissions > Server Or Chanmnel Group > Now enter "permanent" into the filer and set the permission b_group_is_permanent.

    Now all user will be stored in your groups.

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    Group not staying

    Hello all,

    I am a bit stumped

    So my default servergroup (when you first connect) is "Guest"

    After I give them the Verified Member group, if they relog in TeamSpeak it auto takes it off them. Does anyone know why? I honoetley dont.


    Devon Obrien
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    Make sure the group is permanent (i_group_is_permanent).

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    Derp - Thanks, it worked

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    Teamspeak "Server Groups" reset upon individual users logging out.

    Our guild page and TeamSpeak itself are hosted at (this topic is present at their forums as well). As per the title, the problem I'm experiencing is Teamspeak "Server Groups" reset upon individual users logging out. The only way I can get them to remain is to combine the group with tags via the website itself and then link the website account to the teamspeak user via the "Voice" tab in /admin.

    This is fine for those that are members of our guild website, but unfortunately, not everyone that is in our TeamSpeak are from our guild; many are guests from other guilds and as such, go to a default channel where they can't move around without having been set a Server Group.

    The issue is that every single time they log out (or drop connection) and come back in, they need to be reassigned a Server Group before they can move about in TeamSpeak; this is particularly difficult if no one that can assign Server Groups is online at that particular time.

    How has everyone gone around this issue?
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    Thank you guys for getting me an answer so promptly. Its immensely appreciated.

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