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    TS3 server w/built-in wireless network card

    I'll make it brief as possible.

    My friend installed TS3 client and server on his laptop with an internal sierra wireless network card on verizon wireless network...he can connect to his server, but i cannot, even though it's listed as an open server using the filters in web server list. I'm thinking he might not have the ports open but he clicked unblock when installing TS3 & he's not connected through any router so i dont know what the deal is. Anyone have any ideas?

    Just today i installed the client and server on my PC just to see if one of us could open a server. It was simple and it worked on my PC but im using a cable modem, a router on a wired network so i cant help him step for step.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I wouldn't think using Verizon's wireless network would be a good idea for TS3 due to the amount of data being passed. He will have to contact Verizon on this issue as the device he is using is most likely proprietary to them.

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    Its possible verizon is blocking all inbound ports. if so, he would have to call verizon and say he needs to access vpn connections. it will probably cost more because its a "feature" mostly used by businesses.

    last I heard T-mobile does something similar. all basic mobile web plans are port restricted by default, behind their proxy and aren't given internet routable IPs. in order to get a routable IP you have to ask or mention you need access to certain ports and they will bump you up to a higher plan that gives you a public IP and/or no port restrictions.

    but as poisonpanik said, using the verizon connection for the server would probably be a bad idea unless you only have a couple of people on.

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    Simply put NEVER host ANY server on wirless this is why on ALL server today they are WIRED for a reason. wireless is unreliable and not secure enough compaired to WIRED. It is also prone to interference from other things that send signals and is generally looked upon as NOT an option compaired to wired.

    Advice: Strongly recomend you get wired internet to host ANY server.

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