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    Question Help with Creating and Connecting to Server

    I'm sure you probably have a million people posting this same question but i have searched and have not found the specific problem i am having, i apologize for having to start another thread for it.

    So I'll start by giving you some information. I am using a linksys router and connecting to it through 2 computers. 1 computer is on a windows xp operating system 32 bit and thats the one im trying to host the server on. The other is on a windows 7 operating system that im trying to connect to the TeamSpeak 3 server from.

    On the XP I downloaded the 32 bit Windows client and the server and followed through the detailed video tutorial to the letter and set it up to what i believe is completely perfect. I tried to connect from the Windows 7 machine and got the error "Failed to connect to server". I did some research and figured that the reason i couldnt connect is because i needed to port-forward the ports. So i went to, went to applications and gaming and fixed the ports 9987,10011, 30033. I am still unable to connect to the server.

    Can anyone give me some more information to aid me in my problem?

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    Are both Computers at the same Network? Bosth connected to this spicific linksys-router? If so, you don't need any port-forewarding. You will need theese, when you are willing to connect from elsewere via the internet.
    I guess the Windows-Firewall blocks the incoming packages. Try first to connct from the Computer where the server is running by starting the client on the same mashine ans using as Serve-IP. If this not works ther server is not installed correct!
    Next disable the Firewall on the PC the server is running on, but disconnect your router from the internet while this Test! Now try to connect from the other PC while the firewall is diabled. If this works you have to create some rules in the Firewall to accept incoming traffic via the Ports 9987, 10011 and 30033. But be sure that you started the Firewall again before reconnect to the internet!

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    Make sure you unblock the ports using the correct IP address of the pc running the server. There are a few ways to find the IP address of the pc in question. I'll bet it is not set correct. For instance, mine is using IP address

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    Start with this these threads


    Realize that anyone on your network must use the LAN IP which usually starts 192.168.X.X and anyone outside your network needs to use your WAN IP which can be found by visiting

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