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    Quick Question about how Channel Group permissions transfer across a Server

    If a Channel Group has permissions to create a perm or semi-perm channel or edit a channel to make it a perm or semi-perm channel, they shouldn't be able to edit, or make a channel perm or semi-perm that they are not any higher than the Guest Channel Group in correct?

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    This is not a "power" permission, this is a boolean permission (true/false). This is not linked with who group have or not the higher power.

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    If I grant CA to myself and CA has create_permanent it will still fail on create_permanent even though I would be channelAdmin again in the new Channel.

    It appears that when Creating channels, you first leave your current Channel (and thus loose CA) and then attempt to create a new Channel (which obviously will fail since you lost your CA and with it the permission to create Permanent Channels.

    As for editing channels making them semi_Permanent or even temporary this will work (and it indirectly gives CAs the ability to delete any channel they have CA in even those they would usually be denied to delete (either by delete_power or coz they cannot delete permanent ones)

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    Please check, that Skip is not set for this permission or b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions in your server group.

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