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    Solved "This is a newly created Server" popup.

    The popup message that shows up on a new Server asking you to use the privilege Key is always shown regardless of whether the Privilege Key actually exists or if there is a ServerAdmin already present. (aka it shows the popup in both cases).

    The question is if neither of those affects it, what determines if the popup gets shown or not?

    Proposed Fix: Do NOT show the popup if either the privilege Key does not exist OR there is a client in the default Serveradmin group.

    Client 13849, Server 13600
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    In my and MuhChy's opinion, everybody should use this token and not assign himself query admin :-/
    How can i define the standard server admin, when someone has modifeid the templates, before a server was created?

    Yes it should not appear again, when it was deleted manually
    This is definitly a bug

    Internal Ticket ID: TS-426
    Edit end

    I send it to my master, maybe he has another opinion and a solution for it.
    Maybe the dialog should not appear, when 1 ore more users are in a permanent server group.
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    I know about not adding regular clients to query admin group and feel the same way...
    I havent done that either but I do have a trimmed down SA Group that doesnt have all the Permissions, for which the token gets created...
    For myself I have the old Serveradmin in which I put myself into using query of course.
    If there are problems with detecting the default serveradmin group on a virtual server then I'd be fine if it wouldn't popup again after the privilege key has been removed from the server. As it seems to be right now the new server flag seems to be stored seperately.

    About someone beeing in a permanent servergroup... that could also be the normal group but I guess its unlikely for a newly created server anyway so yeah...

    After deleting the 'virtualserver_autogenerated_key' in the server_properties Table of the Database and restarting the TeamSpeak 3 Server the popup is gone.

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    The problem, when an autogenrated token was deleted afterwards will be fixed with server-pre31 (Build 13887 or higner is needed).
    But the databse file needs to be edited manually, when the server was updated to this fixed version, when someone has deleted the autogenerenated token before.

    To get rid of this problem >
    -download an SQL editor and open the database file "ts3server.sqlitedb" (make a backup before and shutdown the server instance!!)
    -click on server_properties > Serach for your Server ID > the word virtualserver_autogenerated_privilegekey should appear > Delete it
    -Now you can use the file again without this annoying token dialog.

    The dialog appears, as long an autogenerated token/privilige key exists. Means, delete the entry under "Permissions > PrivilegeKeys, to remove this annyoing dia log for every user on your server.

    This can't be fixed, the server does not know if this token was deleted manually.
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