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    Lightbulb TS3 might have a new way of listening to muisc on ts3

    hi im new here and just wordering if any 1 on here could help me basicly ive got a digibox and have connected red a white audio jaxs then that goes to a phone jax then straight into my pc on the front pannel aux-in and i went into Volume Control, Options, Properties, then click Recording and all you need sclected is Aux, Volume, Line In, microphone the click ok select AUX and then close that then go onto teamspeak 3 server eg: Music Room click Settings, Options, click Capture, then click Voice Activation Detection,then click Test Voice raise or lower the bar up or down where it like green afer you have done that click Apply the go in ur Muisc Room and switch on your digibox but i want to know how do i do that but at the same time i wanna leave but with the sounds in there and i can just speak normaly

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    Set this user in another pc or virtual pc so you can use your account to talk.

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    With "real" Cable the Sound Quality is not so good like VirtualAudioCable.

    If you want to talk besides and you can't use a second PC or a V-PC set your Client so -
    that you can start a second.

    Your Shortcut-Link should look like this:

    "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ts3client_win64.exe" -nosingleinstance
    ** This you must adjust for your System.

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