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    TS3 Causing random lagg spikes

    Hi there,

    Just installed TS3 as my new guild requires it and I keep getting random lagg spikes.

    They last between 5-10 seconds and everything stops (browsing the net, people speaking, games etc), even the girlfriends laptop stops working.

    I never had this problem on Ventrilo or Skype..

    Does anyone have any ideas? The guild leader is reluctant to reduce the Codec thing. (I seem to remember there was a way to reduce it for yourself in the previous teamspeak versions, but I may be mistaken).

    Using onboard sound.

    Acer Aspire 7736G
    Chipset: Mobile Intel GM45 Express

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    I am having same prob. with my ts3, I get into race online with Nr2003 and get all kinds of spikes and latency problems. But when I turn off TS3 and join race its fine. Also with the old TS2 I could choose low latency and all was fine. But with TS3 I try to pick low latency under options, playback, low latency ASIO and I get this in the lower drop down , HD Audio rear output "invalid" I have on board sound with a asus motherboard , On Board Sound description: VIA Technologies, Inc. with driver version , Codec type: 1708. OS winXp 32 bit. I would really appreciate any help.

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    this answer is for both posts in here.
    Please try to update your Realtek HD soundcard driver to version R2.58. Old versions cause al ot of problems.

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