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    Console/Text-Mode Team Speak Client

    This was requested, surreptitiously responded to, and ignored over five years ago on the Team Speak 2 sub-forums here and here... As definitive responses seem more forth-coming here on the Team Speak 3 forums I thought I'd try again...

    Peter did express some interest in developing a Console/Text-Mode iteration of the client and there are a lot of advantages to offering one that include but certainly aren't limited to:

    much lower resource use then GUI client
    use with batch, cmd, and linux script
    more easily coded/ported
    easier to make and keep cross platform compatible
    more practical to run as a Service

    So, I and I'm sure others are left still wondering if there is any prospect for console mode iteration of Team Speak?

    It could be a bare-bones features stripped text chat single VOIP channel application and still have enormous value. A bare-bones console mode client could not only aid in having a TS iteration that is much faster and easier to port to new platforms and applications -- but to new hardware architectures where there's is a rich new frontier in off-load/dedicated VOIP -- like new ARM platforms, Beagle Board projects, and embedded applications.

    Some of the objections about the difficulty of making a console mode client (at least for the Windows using VC++) are more then a little odd as VC++ offers features for automating separate Console mode builds making it effortless... Being there first can be as or even more important then being more feature fat or better...

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    A TeamSpeak 3 Console Client already exists. It has been sent to the ATHPs who participated in our pre-release testing program in the end of 2009. Anyway, this client will not be released to the public yet as it needs more polishing and testing. Currently, the devs priorities are set on getting the TeamSpeak 3 Client and Server ready for a final/stable release.

    Maybe there will be a public release of the TeamSpeak 3 Console Client in the future... But I can't promise anything.

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    Well... I've already waited over five years, I guess I can wait some more, just hope it's not another five years, as by then my intentions will be fairly moot...

    It would be really fun to prototype some custom TS3 embedded hardware, and this would go a long way to getting there, rough edges or not...

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    As for now, there exists a console client but it is more of a dev/testing tool. We don't really have a replacement for the "normal" TS3 client in console mode ready, and I don't see it as something worth while in the near/medium future due to the amount of work needed and due to the lack of interest/usage.

    If you are developing "custom TS3 embedded hardware" we can work with you, contact our sales department - also you might want to fiddle with the examples of the TS3 SDK, as they are very similar to a "console ts3 client" (with the obvious limitation that they can only connect to SDK servers).

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