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    Can't view users in server group client list


    I have beta30 ( Linux ) running fine but I've noticed a slight problem.

    I've used script which uses the PHP libraries to authenticate users. If I view a server group that contains users added by the script they do not show up in the client list and I see invalid clientID in the log window at the bottom of the client. If I view a server group that has users that were manually added (i.e. they had their server group manually changed through the client) they show in the user list fine.

    Any ideas why this is happenning ? It happens on bith of the groups the script handles.

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    Wich PHP librairies ?
    Without a code nor know how this script work, it difficult to find where is the problem.

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    The libraries are the TS3 PHP libraries available on these forums. The script adds a user by connecting to the server via serverquery and adds the user with a addServerGroup function call.

    I've looked at the database and the users are added to the clients table and their group stored in the group_server_to_client table so I can't see why I get an invalid clientID message and users aren't visible in the list.

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    Since sometime recently you cant seem to view a list of clients assigned to the specified server group in the server groups permission tab. How the heck and we remove/add people when they are not connected? The column is completely gone btw.

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    It's not gone you just resized it so it now has 0 width.
    To fix this just open the permission dialog and move your mouse pointer to the right until it changes to a drag symbol (not the resize window symbol when you are hovering above the window frame), then just click and drag the mouse to the left, the column will reappear.

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    Client Groups

    I also have no ability to see the client groups assigned to any of my teamspeak groups. I know its not something I can slide open. I need to have this fixed as it just disappears and I have to constantly delete ts3 and redownload it all again.

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