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    Disabling and re-enabling VAD via API breaks VAD when manually setting inputs

    Currently I am performing the following, in order to *force* input for a period of time on VAD users.

    ts3Functions.setPreProcessorConfigValue(ts3Functions.getCurrentServerConnectionHandlerID(), "vad", "false");
    ts3Functions.setClientSelfVariableAsInt(ts3Functions.getCurrentServerConnectionHandlerID(), CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED, INPUT_ACTIVE);
    ............... sound gets processed etc etc and the person is talking despite VAD setting.....
    ts3Functions.setClientSelfVariableAsInt(ts3Functions.getCurrentServerConnectionHandlerID(), CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED, INPUT_DEACTIVATED);
    ts3Functions.setPreProcessorConfigValue(ts3Functions.getCurrentServerConnectionHandlerID(), "vad", "true");

    The above code in essence "breaks" VAD. No more input from the client is recognized (they never actually light up or speak). After this "break", the only audio from the client which works is manually settings CLIENT_INPUT. However, the "Test Audio" still works correctly.

    The only way to "unbreak" VAD is to:
    1. Set back to PTT or continous
    2. Click apply
    3. Set back to VAD
    4. Click Apply

    Expected Behavior:
    Disabling and re-enabling VAD via preProcessor settings should simple enable/disable the preprocessor detecting a person talking, and work as normal once re-activated. E.g. I should be able to utilize my own custom PTT, as well as the user being able to use VAD without my PTT

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    when you disable vad, the client will go into "constant tranmission" mode, only to be interrupted by things like mic mutes, and (in the case of push to talk) the INPUT_DEACTIVATED flag.

    The use of the INPUT_DEACTIVATED (which is nothing else than a mic mute that is not visible to other clients) is completely separate from the value of the "vad" flag, so you can do:

    vad=false, toggle speaking via input_deactivated This is how the TS3 Clients Push-To-Talk works
    vad=false, leave input not deactivated This is how the TS3 Clients Constant Transmission works
    vad=true, leave input not deactivated This is how the TS3 Clients Voice Activity detection works
    vad=true, additionally toggle speaking via input_deactivated This is what is used if you chose push to talk and check the "Enable Voice Activation Detection while using Push-To-Talk" checkbox (Only available in recent clients, see beta channel -rc1-pre clients)

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    Will re-test and respond, Thanks peter

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