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    New and need advice server admin power (SORRY)

    Ok, let me say I am running a TS3 server off windows that is mine. I am new at this, but I am the host. That said i can not get the group Serveradmin to have a power of 100.

    I know this has to be done via serverquery and I have put about 20 different commands in there from reading the forums here over the past 2 days. I am sorry that I am asking, because i know it has been asked 100 times....

    -I am the only user on the TS3 server.
    -I want the "group" ServerAdmin to have a power of 100 so it can kick ban and modify other groups powers.
    -I am in the group serveradmin by using the token you get when you install.

    What command(s) do i have to put in the serverquery to do this?

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    Power 100, is for the AdminServerQuery.
    ServerAdmin is power 75 by default.

    But I do not understand what your problem, ServerAdmin can do everything you're asking.

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    There is no need to raise the power to 100 for server admin. As Jordi said, this is reserved for Admin Query sever group. If you feel you must have this much power you can use server query to grant yourself admin query server group. You really don't need this for most everything you'll ever do with your server. I do suggest not granting this to your primary identity because you can accidentally remove things that will require server query commands to fix.

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