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    Having the same issues with Win 7 64-bit current TS3 Beta Client.
    Get random freeze of my pc. Thought it might have to do with drivers or RAM but everything is fine and the freeze definitely only occur when TS3 was or is running.
    On the one hand I am happy to see that others also facing the same problem but on the other hand it is very sad that the new TS3 many of us migrated to or rented servers (I mean some of us spend money for TS) is not as stable as the old TS2 was.

    Hope you get this fixed soon. We are thinking of rolling back to TS2 or alternatives.

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    By current ts3 beta client, do you mean beta 36 or rc1-pre12?

    So far i've been able to gather two things from this problem. Everyones nickname begins with R, and they have Win7 64.

    Can anyone here who is having problems try the 32 bit client and see if same results?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTKA View Post
    Everyones nickname begins with R
    I think that is a coincidence. If not, you can work around this problem by changing your nickname. You could try that. It would be verry interesting if that was (part of) the bug.

    The other part about this problem only occuring in the 64 bit windows version is very interresting. Can everyone confirm this? (are you all using a 64 bit windows version?)

    I still suspect it is a driver/hardware problem, since the problems you are describing should not be caused by a user space program like ts3. What soundcard are you using? Please try to be specific.

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    I place no gurantee's it will work for the rest of you and may be only related to me specifically.

    It was my graphic's card causing my problem. Most of time when my crashes occured it was when I was playing games (like many others do) and thought it was either a driver issue or a software conflict as you guys believed. Well it turns out it was hardware after all.

    When running full pelt my graphics card was topping 70 degrees, still within the thermal limit for the card however it is a few years old so that may have dropped.

    The strange thing is stress testing my machine DID NOT MAKE THE HEAT ISSUE OCCUR hence why I only picked up on it once I started activley monitoring during gameplay.


    I took my graphics card apart (GTX260 BFG) and found the thermal compound the manufactuer added when it was built had...well disintergrated. I've got some Artic Cooling MX2 thermal paste from my CPU so I added that to the GPU, changed one of my fans that sits near the GPU to extract heat and boom no more crashes. Card doesn't get past 50 degrees when i'm running it at 100% usage during gameplay with fans only running at 40-50%

    Hammered DCS: Blackshark & ARMA II with teamspeak running last night for 5 solid hours (i've had major withdrawl) and didn't get a single crash, sound glitch or random black screen (black screens only started saturday and prompted me to check my gfx card)

    Suggest to anyone having these issues to check your hardware again!

    On a side note I also replaced my PSU on saturday also because my 12v line was only giving me 9v - suggest making sure you PSU is working correctly.

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    Thank you for the update, this was buggy me too

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    Hey guys, been a while. Not had a chance to post up until now.

    The solution posted above was incorrect. The crashes continued although I did fix it eventually. I went and bought a new machine....

    Since then i've had 0 problems with Teamspeak using the same software as stated in previous posts. What was causing the issue is still a mystery considering the system ran fine when TS was switched off. What ever it was the new machine does not have it lol.

    Cheers for the help

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    im also just starting to have this crash issue

    ts3 has crashed my cpu in the last 2 weeks. when it does it freeze my screen and nothing responds. it has happen when i have 2 tabs open and also with someone disconnects. as soon as ts3 tells me someone disconnects it locks my cpu up. never had this issue till the last update so thats y im here. any clues on how to fix this?

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