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Thread: Windows 7 64bit

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    Windows 7 64bit

    Hi guys, I updated my OS from XP 32bit to windows 7 64 bit today. Installed 64 bit soundcard driver and it works perfectly in windows, I can record my microphone in windows sound recorder, and in FLStudio and some other recording applications, so the mic input to the computer is just fine as you can see here:

    However when I installed 64 bit version of teamspeak 3, The teamspeak 3 client wouldn't pick up any input from ANY of the capture options I selected:
    ^^ I'm shouting into my mic here, nothing being picked up, but when I close TS3 and open up sound recorder or the mixer, it comes through fine!
    ^^ here are the capture options I can choose from in TS3 (none of which work under any configuration)

    My sound card drivers are fully upto date (64 bit versions) and my OS is also fully updated.

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

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    What sound card are you using? Have you tried other capture modes like direct sound?

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    I'm using an external M-Audio Fast track pro USB soundcard.

    as I explained, I've tried all the different capture methods but to no avail, and It worked perfectly fine under xp 32 bit :S.

    I think it's a problem between the sound getting from windows to teamspeak, because it works under all the other sound capture applications.

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    is anyone able to help with this!?

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    Figured out the problem... I had a mono input into the PC from my soundcard going through the RIGHT channel... when I was in teamspeak, it was only picking up the LEFT channel... where there wasn't any input at all..

    Selecting another mono input (with opposite polarity) on my soundcard managed to get it working on teamspeak... although being able to switch polarity in ts3 would've saved hassle

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