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    Solved Usser assigned himself a server group

    Hello Teamspeak,

    5 Minutes ago i was on my Teamspeak with my clan, some guy called AvilaHammed came into our Teamspeak, gave himself Normal and Recruit Server Group, i banned him permanently, he must have been hacking

    Here's the log:

    <16:32:33> "AvilaHammed" connected
    <16:33:12> "AvilaHammed" switched from channel "Entrance" to "Lounge"
    <16:33:12> Channel group "Guest (1366)" was assigned to "AvilaHammed" by Crossfire Gaming Coalition TS3.
    <16:33:26> "AvilaHammed" was removed from server group "Recruit (1578)" by "[CGC] BogusBoo".
    <16:33:31> "AvilaHammed" was removed from server group "Normal (1626)" by "[CGC] BogusBoo".
    <16:33:40> "AvilaHammed" was banned permanently from the server by "[CGC] BogusBoo" (hacker)

    His details are:



    If i posted in the wrong section i'm sorry, but this is crucially important! thanks!

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    If you rent your Teamspeak server, you must ask to your hoster to check your permissions.

    If you are the owner, please post a serversnapshot. With this, we can check if it's a permission problem (this is often the case).

    Open a ServerQuery window
    login serveradmin <paswword>
    use <server ID> ("or" use port=<virtual server port>)
    Past the result in a txt file and post it here.

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    I highly doubt the current server is hackable (or I think my server would be hacked 100000000 times over :lol. You might have improper configurations somewhere. As florian said, you need to create snapshot so we can see how you configured it.

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    I am certain this was no hack. Double check all your permissions (i_group_member_add_power and i_group_needed_member_add_power specifically) because if this was a hack I guarantee this client would have taken Server Admin and not any other server group.

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    Proper settings:

    i_group_member_add_power=right click this permission and select "remove permission" this then appears grey


    Now i know some of you do it different but i have found this way to be just as good and more simple to understand and work with and the end result is the same in all cases.

    After this setting NO guest can add or remove anyone including his or herself from any server group

    **NOTE** the person in question was NOT hacking in any way at all he simply was taking advantage of a improper server config.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkbolt View Post
    After this setting NO guest can add or remove anyone including his or herself from any server group
    Don't forget to check the i_group_member_add_power of the channel admin group in case a guest can create a temporary channel. Thatīs another way users try to get more priviledges.

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    Nice! even i learn somthing lol good point good to know. thankfully users can not make there own channels on my server so thats not an issue for me. Typicly on my server if you come in your asigned guest like usual but you have NO rights at all you can talk thats it! after your asigned to a server group then the client will open up for you (with in reason) and even then server groups permissions are tightly configed and reviewed twice a month for changes or security holes ty for the tip and server noobs out there take note this is valuable stuff

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