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    Invalid Privilege Key?

    I'm new to TS (and the forums), so sorry if this post is in the wrong place

    I have a question, but I will start out by telling you what I have done so far, as I'm not familiar with the server or client setup.

    What I have done so far:
    1) I rented a TS3 server and downloaded/installed both the TS3 Client and Server for my version of windows.
    2) I logged into the client version of TS3 using the IP/Port given to me by the company I rent the server from. No problems so far.

    Now the question: how do i make myself admin and give myself full permissions? I tried copying the privilege key given to me when I run the server version into the "use privilege key" portion under permissions on the client version, but I am getting and invalid privilege key message...I even tried getting a new key by deleting/reinstalling the server version, but I get the same message with the new key.

    Please Help, and thanks so much.

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    If you rented the server, you do not need to download TS3 Server. Don't use the privilege key generated by anyone other than your rented host. Ask them for privilege key. The key generated by your server installation is useless in the rented server.

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    Please don't double post in the forums...

    Your host should have given you a privilege key. If not you may be able to generate a new one using your admin control panel through your host's website. If you can't do that just contact your host and request a new key.

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