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    Question [Suggestion] spacer permisions.


    i wanna make suggestion my teamspeak 3 is seperated by spacers and each spacer has name of one game, developers can add privilege name which is expand spacer only for one game belong to one server game...


    +League Of Legends
    +Runes of Magic
    +Metin 2

    -expand example LOL for server group LOL players but collapse subchannels for another games which can be 4story, if exist now that option tell me how to make it coz iv got 13 spacers with games and i need that option thank u.

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    If I understand you correctly are you wanting to only see users in the channel that you're in? As far as the 'spacers' go, you can collapse and expand channels with sub channels. If you don't wanna see everyone else just unsubscribe to that channel.

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    yes im know about it , that option exist but i wanna make server group example 4story and when i will give ssrver group for members 4 story then they will relog and they will see only spacer with 4 story, spacer all subchannels in =) and do that same for other games.

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