OMG I switched from ventrilo of ts3 because its so much smoother and runs better.

WELL i have an issue, maybe ts dev's could listen to this one. I really need a simple interface for setting up groups.
SIMPLE = NOT REALLY CONFUSING 1,000 lines of values and check boxes! I am sure it would help more then just me. I am not super computer guy, just want to lay games and not spend years learning this.

I have spent 30 minutes watching videos, reading and i am more confused then ever!

I have 4 groups
server admin

and I have no clue what to do for permissions. our people need to be able to ban, kick make channels and move people. I have no idea how to get this accomplished. basically the members group needs to be able to do everything but kill the server or screw up things. why is it that i feel I need a engineering degree to use ts3? cant there be a simple interface for all this? I will not go back to ventrilo but really they had it real simple, this is seriously confuddling!

if there is someone out there that can make this easy to understand I would appreciate it. my head is about to explode.