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    TeamSpeak 3 dynamic banner image

    I'm tired of the static image on a banner and I decided to make a dynamic banner.
    As a source, I decided to take a picture with a webcam from the internet.

    For example it's. Webcam New York City. Updated every minute.

    But the picture is too big for the banner (1024x768). To solve this problem, I wrote a program that performs a loop:
    1. loads the image and saves on your hard drive
    2. converts to the specified size
    3. saves the file
    4. wait 1 minute and repeat

    Well, we have a suitable image for banner. I got it 308x231 (30% original).

    But there is another problem. I do not have a web server to accommodate the image. And then I found a small program "Simple Web Server" which does not need to set up. Need to run, specify the path to the file and click "Start "button.

    It remains only to change the link to the banner in the settings of a virtual server, and voila:

    Download the programs you can here:
    WebServ.exe (english version)
    Banner.exe (english version)

    P.S. I apologize for the possible incorrect - use a translator.
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