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    What else has changed? I installed TS3 server and it's running as a process. I installed the TS3 client on the server and cannot connect to it either as localhost or the actual IP. I CAN telnet to the serverquery interface from my desktop. Port 9987 inbound is open. We rent a bare iron server at a hosting company that we totally manage. So how do I actually get TS3 accessible?

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    Does your PC need to be on to keep the server running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draftking View Post
    Does your PC need to be on to keep the server running?
    Does your car need to be running to take you somewhere?
    Does your AC need to be running to get cold air out of it?
    Does your brain / heart need to be working to live?

    Answer those questions and you'll have answered your own.
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    Hi, I can't get my TS3 server online. I'm just trying to have a simple basic 32 slot server, I don't have a non-profit license neither a profit one, but as I understood serching for information online, it's not needed for a basic 32 slot server.

    I correctly port forwarded 9987 UDP 10011 TCP and 30033 TCP, with right local ip. Opend windows firewall and antivurus firewall (COMODO), for TS3 server, but still can't connect to the server form outside LAN. What's the matter?

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