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    [Outdated] Complete guide to setup a TeamSpeak 3 Server on Windows desktops.

    I spent hours and hours searching the internet never to find a guide like this. So I made one after finally being able to piece all of the information together myself from dozens of websites. This guide is to help those who spend hours searching for a setup how-to. All of the guides right now only show you how to install a Teamspeak 3 Server, but NOT ONE tells you how-to allow your friends not on your network, to connect. This is everything you need in a step-by-step guide. Enjoy... and hopefully this saves a lot of time for you searching the internet.

    1 . Get Teamspeak 3 Non-Profit License -

    a. Go to
    and fill in your information. In approximately 1 hour
    you'll receive an e-mail with your non-profit
    "licensekey.dat" file attached.

    NOTE- The reason for receiving a non-profit license
    is to be able to create more servers with each server capable
    of having more slots. No license- you can create 1 server
    with 30 slots. With a non-profit license you can create up to 10
    servers capable of 512 slots.

    2. Software Downloads -

    a. Go to
    and download Teamspeak Client & Server 32 or 64-bit.

    b. Go to
    and download PortForward's Port Checker.

    c. Install the Teamspeak 3 Client and Port Checker. DO NOT!
    Install the Teamspeak 3 Server at this time. This will be in
    a later step.

    3. Open Specific Ports -

    These ports must be open to allow people NOT on your network
    to connect to your server. Example - Anyone in your home receiving
    an Internet connection from the modem/router that is also supplying
    the computer you setup the server on, will be able to connect
    but, people out side your network will not. So you must open ports.

    a. NOTE- About network/router passwords
    When opening ports, your router will ask for a password. In
    most cases, it can be found on a sticker, on your router. If not, it
    may be in the information the installer left with you about your system.

    NOTE- For those with multiple computers on their network
    To make sure your selecting the computer you want to setup
    Teamspeak 3 Server on, go to the "Start Menu"
    and search for "cmd" press enter. Type "ipconfig". Where it
    says "IPv4" is the number you want to match, when changing network firewalls.

    Go to
    and locate your router model. This can be found somewhere on the device
    itself. Once you see your router on locate
    "Teamspeak 3 Server" from the programs list. Follow the guide
    step by step.

    b. Now, to check that your ports are open use "PFPortChecker"
    that we installed earlier. Open the program and click the
    "TCP" button. Enter "10011" and press "Check Me". It should say
    "Your port is OPEN on this computer". Now type "30033" in to
    the box and hit "Check Me". Now click the "UDP" button and
    type "9987" and press "Check Me". All 3 ports should be OPEN.

    c. With "PFPortChecker" program still open copy down your
    "External IP Address". This is the number you will give to
    friends and family to connect to your server later.

    4. Installing the Teamspeak 3 Server -

    a. Open the you downloaded earlier.
    Extract the folder to your Desktop. Rename the folder
    "Teamspeak 3 Server". Place the folder "Teamspeak 3 Server"
    into your program files. For 32-bit server...
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\" or for 64-bit server...
    "C:\Program Files\"
    Open the folder and place your "licensekey.dat" file
    that you received earlier into it. Also create a shortcut to the
    ts3server_win32.exe for 32-bit or...
    ts3server_win64.exe for 64-bit

    b. Right-click the shortcut and then click "Properties"
    Replace the target box with one of the following. For 32-bit...
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Server\ts3server_win32.exe" <install_directory>\ts3server_win32.exe createinifile=1
    For 64-bit...
    "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Server\ts3server_win64.exe" <install_directory>\ts3server_win64.exe createinifile=1
    Click OK.

    c. Double-click the shortcut. Here you will be given 3 pieces of information.
    4c1. Server Username "serveradmin".
    4c2. Your unique server password.
    4c3. Your unique token.
    Save all of this information somewhere you will NOT see it again.
    A text file is an easy way to do so.

    d. If you didn't get the information "Teamspeak 3 Server" gave you in step 4c.
    You can easily fix this by deleting the "ts3server.sqlitedb" file, and the "logs" folder.
    Then click on our special shortcut again. This time save the information.

    5. Lets try it out -

    a. Open the "Teamspeak 3 Client" and click "Connections".
    Click "Connect". Type "localhost" into the "Address" box.
    Type "9987" into the port box. In the "nickname" box type
    whatever you like. Click "Connect".

    b. Now to give your self admin click "Permissions"
    in the "Teamspeak 3 Client". Click "Use Privilege Key".
    enter the token you saved from step 4c. Press "OK".

    c. To get friends to connect give them the numbers you got from
    "PFPortChecker" (The "External IP Address" from step 3c).
    Tell them to type that into the "Address" box and "9987" into
    the "Port" box. Then click "Connect".

    d. Another couple of smart things to get can be found here.
    Both make it much easier to control the function of your server. They're the same type of
    program from different makers and both have there strengths and weaknesses, thats why I use both.

    Lastly, I've attached my guide in a .txt(text) file so you may find it anytime you need it or give it to a friend that needs it.
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