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    Server is not Working when they are to much

    Hi Guys,

    I have a problem with they Server. I have now only 60 Slots but i can expand it to over 500 slots. Now my Problem when on they Server are more than 26 Clients than you can hear only clipped and they must of clients lose her connection to they Server.

    My server is on a Windows 7 Laptop. They RAM is on 4gb.

    My Internet Connetion:

    What is they Reason ? Or what can be

    (Sry for that bad english)


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    This is a bandwidth problem. Having 26 people on the server requires a lot of bandwidth.

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    He Says

    And the bandwidth you need for 100 Users (worst case) is :
    Download : 614.4 kByte/s = 4915.2 kBit/s = 4.9152 MB/s
    Upload : 61.44 MByte/s = 491520 kBit/s = 491.52 MBit/s = 0.49152 GB/s

    Ohhhh My download speed is enough but my Upload not OR? And how can i improve that ?


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