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    Unhappy Client to server connection issue (external ip)


    I used for some time a TS3 server to speak with friends on a local network without problems.

    Now, a friend of mine is trying to connect to my server through internet. He uses my external ip adress (most of the time my dyndns but we checked if there wasn't a problem with it) and can't connect.

    I opened the 9987, 10011 and 30033 ports. Connection failed.
    I tried with a 9986-9988 range. Not better.

    My firewall was switched off.

    I tried this website's test ( ) but it didn't worked (told me there was a timeout). I tried on other ports (like the ones I use for my FTP server which works) and still gave me a timeout.

    The friend is able to connect to other servers (like the one given in some topics).
    I am able to connect to my server in localhost and using the 192.168.x.x adress.

    I don't know what to try now.

    Can someone help me ?

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    9987 udp
    10011 tcp
    30033 tcp

    take a look here:

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    Already done. No results. Thanks for the reply anyway.

    I suspect something very stupid and that should be obvious but I can't see where the problem could be.

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    Do your try (your friend) to connect directly with the IP address (instead the dyndns domain name) ?
    Do you have a modem between your router and the wall plug ?
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    Yes, we've tried with the address and the dyndns and it failed.

    I'm connected to the internet with a router and so is my friend. No other equipment at my house or his.

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    Port 9987 has to be opened for UDP only! Only some routers support, that it works fpr TCP & UDP at the same time.
    Ha anyone noticed, that does not work with udp?
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